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What is Bioavailability?

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Bioavailability refers to the amount of an active ingredient that is absorbed into your system after consumption. Formula ingredients, delivery method, and unique physiology and metabolism all influence the bioavailability of CBD and other active ingredients.

CBD’s bioavailability is impacted by the fat molecules contained in the carrier solution. CBD molecules are fat-soluble – they dissolve in oil, not water. Fat-soluble substances, such as Vitamins A, D, and E, are best absorbed when digested with other natural fats from nutritious food – that’s why it’s recommended to eat your vitamin supplements with a healthy meal.

If a CBD formula has low bioavailability, your body is not absorbing the whole amount of CBD you are ingesting; some (or most) of the CBD is simply flushed away with the body’s waste. This can lead to the need for much higher doses and burning through edibles and tinctures faster than your budget can keep up with.

EUPHORA's full spectrum CBD oil is infused into oil-based solutions, where it can bind with fat molecules your body is naturally keen to process. To ensure the highest bioavailability, all EUPHORA tinctures are designed with organic coconut-derived MCT oil for maximum absorption and effect.


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